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Game 5: (1) Fighting Saints vs Blunt Force Trauma

BROWN, BRAD  (96-97) vs DEBRUSK, LOUIE  (93-94) – Debrusk take: These two start jawing during a scrum involving Jason Arnott and Darcy Tucker. As the linesmen busy themselves with the Arnott-Tucker altercation, DeBrusk and

Game 4: (1) Fighting Saints vs Blunt Force Trauma

JONATHAN, STAN  (76-77) vs KASSIAN, MATT  (13-14) – Jonathan take: Jonathan came out of his shell late in the 76-77 season with a big fight against Dave Schultz in the ’77 playoffs. He showed, despite his smaller stature,

Game 3: (1) Fighting Saints vs Blunt Force Trauma

MCKAY, RANDY  (89-90) vs MCGRATTAN, BRIAN  (11-12) – McGrattan take: The camera is already trained on McGrattan as he comes out onto the ice at Bridgestone Arena. He lines up next to Randy McKay and you can see them making

Game 2: (1) Fighting Saints vs Blunt Force Trauma

HUNTER, TIM  (96-97) vs GRENIER, MARTIN  (07-08) – Grenier take: Grenier is looking for a dance with big Andrei Nazarov but the big Russian bear just smiles and skates away. As Grenier turns to go back up ice he is confronte

Game 1: (1) Fighting Saints vs Blunt Force Trauma

PROBERT, BOB  (01-02) vs FREADRICH, KYLE  (99-00) – Freadrich take: Freadrich’s career was brief but he was spectacular as a young super Heavyweight on the rise in 99-00. He had size reach power-he was formidable to say t

Game 7: (1) Blunt Force Trauma vs (3) Bringers of Pain

MCGRATTAN, BRIAN  (13-14) vs MACINTYRE, STEVE  (03-04) – McGrattan take: Great match up. We got one bout from these two studs in 09-10 and it was a close one. McGrattan was still a legit HW title holder in 13-14, while Big

Game 7: (1) Fighting Saints vs (5) Knuckle Dusters

JONATHAN, STAN  (81-82) vs LEBLOND, PIERRE-LUC  (05-06) – Jonathan take: At first these two just growl at each other and grab on. They don’t do much just face each other barking. As the linesmen begin to come in, they bot

Game 6: (1) Blunt Force Trauma vs (3) Bringers of Pain

FREADRICH, KYLE  (00-01) vs MCLAREN, FRAZER  (12-13) – McLaren take: A 99-00 version of Freadrich would pull this one out but there was a drop off from Freddy in 00-01. He was soon out of the game altogether after that. In

Game 6: (1) Fighting Saints vs (5) Knuckle Dusters

BROWN, BRAD  (03-04) vs LESSARD, FRANCIS  (01-02) – Lessard take: A scrum develops by the Minnesota player’s bench. Lessard is right in the middle of it. Brad Brown comes barreling in and the two latch on. They pull away f

Game 5: (1) Blunt Force Trauma vs (3) Bringers of Pain

KASSIAN, MATT  (08-09) vs SHELLEY, JODY  (11-12) – Kassian take: A straight forward match up of post lock out styles. Both liked to hold their opponents at arm’s length, work the jersey jab and fire from long-range. In th